John Senft Biography

My name is John Senft and I am running for Alderman, to serve the citizens of Ridgetop in the coming term. I was born into a military family in Tampa Florida and was one of five children. I traveled internationally as a teenager and experienced many different cultures and forms of government. What I learned from my travels, is the freedoms we have, most other countries do not. The right to speak our minds, and freedom to worship, the right to bear arms, the right to own property and not have our rights violated. I could go on, but I hope you see the point. As citizens of this great country, we have so many rights that are taken for granted. And so, we have an election coming up, where we have the privilege of choosing who we want to represent us in our community, city, county, state and even the nation.

I grew up in Southern California. I met my wife in the church that she attended. After joining the church, I felt the Lord’s call on my life, and studied and prepared for ministry. My wife and I moved to middle Tennessee in November of 1992. We have been active in ministry and service to the Lord for many years. We have lived in Hendersonville, White House, Cottontown, Cross Plains, and for the last seven years, in the lovely community of Ridgetop.

My Employment Background: I spent ten years in Corporate Finance working for two different Companies. I started as an Account Representative, advanced to Field rep, Loan Servicing Manager, Inventory Control Manager, and finally Operations Manager when I left. I worked for a Mortgage company for about 9 months before opening my own Branch. Operated the mortgage branch for about four and half years until the market crash of 2008. During the mortgage years, I also developed real estate and worked as a project manager building homes. Knowledge of construction, finance, operations, logistics, and managing and working with people. Operated a lawn mowing and landscaping service during the recession, as a landlord managing rentals, Tennis coach and teacher, still active playing, and teaching, have served 6 Years on the Summer Crest Tennis Club’s board here in Ridgetop.

When my wife and I moved to Ridgetop over 7 years ago, we were starting over. The economic crash of 2008 that affected our nation, had a severe impact on us as well. We rented a home from a gracious landlord, and we have been here ever since. We love our neighborhood, friends we have made, schools our children have attended, and relationships that we have developed. We enjoy Ridgetop Park, the history, the walking trails, it is a beautiful setting. Summer Crest is a little gem of a Tennis club tucked away at the end of Lennox, nestled among the trees. Holt’s has that small-town homey feel, where the meat department will hand cut whatever you would ask for, and everyone knows one another. I could go on about the positives, but with the election coming up, we need to address the issues that our community is facing.

  • First and foremost is for every person to feel valued. Whether it is a workplace environment, church, group, committee, or in Ridgetop’s case, the city. Duly elected officers of a City, County, or State are given a great responsibility to represent the people who voted for them. To do what is best for the whole, and not a select few. Every person must feel like their voice and vote counts. To remove or exclude anyone from being able to voice a concern, complaint, or question why officials made decisions that effect the community negatively, this needs to be corrected. A citizen’s right to speak up must be restored to the Town Hall Meetings. Mayors and Alderman may have official titles, but they are still citizens of the community, and supposed to serve the people who elected them to office in the first place, not silence them.
  • Second, a community must feel that the rights and privileges that are afforded to everyone are maintained and protected. Quoting from the Declaration of Independence, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” are unalienable rights, which means they cannot be given away or taken away. When the Ridgetop Police Department was disbanded and done away with, the protection, of its rights, afforded to this community was compromised. To feel safe and secure, to know that those who violate the laws of our community will be summarily dealt with. We no longer have that inviolability. Restoring a Ridgetop Police Department who will protect and serve the community is paramount as well.
  • Lastly, the city’s infrastructure needs to be evaluated and reviewed. From the city sewer system, roads, utilities, fire, and emergency, and so on. Making sure Ridgetops’ tax dollars are maximized on the essential services that the citizens of the city are paying for.
If given the privilege to serve as an Alderman for Ridgetop, I will strive to make our community a safe and secure place where families enjoy the freedoms that our nation has afforded to each and every one of us.