Tim Shaw Biography

My name is Tim Shaw and I am running for Alderman for the great city of Ridgetop. A long-time Tennessean, I am dedicated to my family and community. As a citizen of Ridgetop for 26 years, I feel we have unique challenges in front of us.

I attended the University of Tennessee and pursued a degree in accounting. I have extensive experience in working with and for people for the betterment of the group and the organization. I was the owner/operator of a grocery store and have been a District Manager for companies like Dollar General and Dollar Tree. This experience has allowed me to develop specific skills in the areas of management, leadership, active listening and budget development and implementation.

I believe it is time for change for our great city and there are three areas which we have to prioritize:

  • First, we must attempt to re-establish the Ridgetop Police Department. This is extremely important for our city and will be my top priority. I will look at various grants that we can apply for in order to aid in rebuilding this branch of our 9-1-1 triad. It is my belief that all citizens have a right to the basic safety and security that a dedicated Police Department can bring to a city.
  • Second, we must review our charter to make sure it is current. We must ensure the Ridgetop City Charter is relevant and meets the needs of its citizenry. More importantly, we must review it to ensure each and every citizen of Ridgetop has the ability to speak and be heard in every Town Hall meeting. It is our Constitutional right under the First Amendment, guaranteeing all citizens the freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble.
  • Third, we need to assess the cost and planning for the installation of a sewer system for all of Ridgetop and evaluate the necessity of upgrading the systems in place today. Again, there may be grants that we can utilize to install and improve upon our current sewage infrastructure and I will work to pursue those opportunities.
If elected, I will work diligently for you, my constituents, and will work with you to move our great city forward and to make Ridgetop a better place to live for all. It is time for change!